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We are expert matchmakers. We love what you do and we make it stand out with influential people who will love it too.

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We match your brand with the right influencers
 so your products and services scale.

Data driven

Use our influencer account analysis to find the right fit for your target 

Earn more

What you make is what you get. Your money is safe with us.

Trusted by the best

We want to get rid of problems that you step on in influencer marketing and help you get focused on the thing that matters — creating great content.

All in one platform

Boost your influencer marketing

Our community is only a step away. Sign up for a demo and we'll show you a new world of influencers.

Run your campaigns at scale

It’s everything your Excel spreadsheet isn’t

Track all of your collaborations in one place from start to finish. No more fuss with lost shipping info, promo codes, instructions etc. Sleek posts and steady stories with likes is what you get.


Impress your target audience

We present you with an Influee score which is based on influencer audience’s demography and their quality. Choose influencers your brand aligns with and make it work for you.

Safe Payments

Your money is safe with us

We hold your payments until the agreed set of stories and posts is completed with influencers you chose. Only when collaboration is completed we transfer the money. This is how we make sure everyone feels safe and sound.

Curate your lists

Plan your campaigns with efficiency

Create shortlists of influencers you wish to work with. See their potential reach and combined audience demography even before you launch the campaign.

Our latest case study

How Equa collaborated with +100 influencers in one month

Get complete insights into one of Equa's campaigns and learn how Influee enables them to run their influencer marketing campaigns at scale.

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