Like a stock image library, but shot to your brief.

Influee is an exclusive network of the top content creators.
Join us and get branded content for your most important campaigns.

Solution to all your Content problems

Our handpicked influencers will apply to your campaign brief based on your specifications. You will have full control over the created content as you track all collabs automatically. We even take care of the payment process so you don’t have to worry about it!

With the our Content Creation solution you’ll get

User Generated Photos & Videos from Creators

How does it work?

Content creation made easy

Get original content from authentic creators in no time! Influee platform is the easiest way to find creators, manage your collaborations and payments.

We have your back

Currated network of top creators

Our network contains creators curated by the quality of their content. We are dedicated to finding the best creators because we know how hard it is getting good content. Each creator has a different personal style, so you will always be able to find one that suits your vision and needs the most!

Top Creators
Content Library

Content library

Manage all of your content in one place

From now on, you will have all the content in one place. Content will be sorted based on the product, format or type. All the content will be available for you to download in high resolution - individual assets or bulk.

Forever yours

Get content usage rights

For every collaboration, we will provide the necessary contract between you and the content creator. You will get all the needed rights, use content everywhere and never worry about legal stuff again!

Content rights

Improve your ads with User Generated Content

Do you know that User Generated Content based ads get 4x higher click-through rates than standard brand posts?