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Influee is an exclusive network of the top influencers.
Top brands collaborate with Influencers on Influee for their most important campaigns.

Your all in one Influencer Marketing solution

Once you’ll create a campaign brief, our handpicked influencers will be able to apply based on your specifications. You will have full control over the campaign progress as you track and monitor every post or story Influencer creates for you. We even take care of the payment process so you don’t have to worry about it!

With our all-in one Influencer Marketing solution you’ll get

Instagram Stories & Posts posted by Influencers

How does it work?

Collaborations made easy

One dashboard for you + one app for your influencers = Influee: the easiest way to find influencers, manage collaborations and payments.

Campaign filters

The search is over

Easily get connected with best Influencers

Start by posting a campaign. Specify the influencers you are interested in by selecting the range of filters.

Our analytics uses data science to highlight the best influencers based on their audience and the content they create, helping you find influencers that are a good match.

Relevant influencers will see the campaign in the app and will be able to apply to the campaign by submitting their proposal.

Get real data

Avoid fake followers, target right audience

Check audience quality of any influencer and avoid fake followers. For better understanding we separated their audience into real people, influencers and mass followers.

Our tool displays amount of likes and comments that are from real users. With our algorithm you are able to see what percentage of influencer audience is from each country so you can target your audience more accurate.

Profile analysis
Influee score

Yup, it's true..

It's all about the Influee Score

Influee Score combines real engagement rate, audience quality and hand curated content rating into a score from 1 to 10.

With our platform you don't have to be an influencer marketing expert to recognize the best influencers. We even put influencers into tiers based on their rank against other influencers.

Have control

Review the content before they post it

We offer you total control over what influencers publish on their feed. Choose the review feature when creating a campaign and have influencers upload content beforehand for you to approve. No more unpleasant surprises.

Review content
Track content

Never miss a story again

Track and save all the content

During collaboration you can chat with influencers and track all the stories and posts they create. All the content is automatically saved on your dashboard and ready for further use.

No more wasted collaborations

Track results in one place

Influee will automatically collect data regarding the success of your collabs. Track the success of your collabs through optional promo codes and tracking (UTM) links.

Track results

Stop paying for influencers with fake followers

Did you know that 65% of influencers that reach out to you have fake followers? Join Europe's top brand and collaborate with the best.

Our latest case study

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