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The webinar was organised for eCommerce founders, CMOs and other managers in eCommerce companies. It offers actionable insights for Meta advertisers, content creators and performance enthusiasts. So it's perfect for those who have decision-making power in their organizations and can apply solutions ASAP.

Webinar Highlights

Take a look at some of the key moments from the live webinar.

State of UGC

User-generated content is becoming increasingly important in the world of digital marketing. Instagram's recent announcements show us that it's not going away anytime soon. Content marketing is critical for businesses today, and UGC plays a big part in that.

How To Strategically Order UGC Content

Review videos together with supportive footage are essential for good ads. Learn how to strategically order content to receive the best possible versions.

Why Editing is Important

There are 3 main reasons why editing is important: you can't always use fresh content, you can scale variations of successful content, and editing makes your ads engaging and informative.

Modular Video Editing

Demand for fresh content is increasing and modular video editing is the future of editing. It allows you to take different parts of your ad and replace it with another, delete it, duplicate it and so on.

What Makes A Good Creative

Learn how Fast Pacing, Hooks, Subtitles, Clear communication, clearly visible product can make your ads better.


Earning the attention of an audience is one of the toughest jobs in marketing. The best way to do this is with a hook. It is an angle used in content and advertising that grabs attention, creates interest and makes an audience receptive to your messages.

What To Test

Once you get the content it is crucial to know what to test. From different creators to mixing them all together, from 15 second length to longer version, test as much as possible to get more winning combinations.


Localisation is essential when scaling your brand to other markets. And there are two ways to do it: with localised copy or ordering content from local creators / using voiceover.

Funnel Psychology

Why is funnel psychology important? Because of building trust, higher conversion rates, higher order value and personalised communication with creatives, copy and offers.

Metrics of Testing

Learn how to measure your campaign success and what are the most useful metrics to use.

Finding Winning Creatives

The secret source to real scalability is finding winning creatives for top of the funnel. How? By getting enough content.

Creative Testing

Learn what are the essential phases of testing to find winning ads that catch the attention, drive cheap traffic, trigger the need for the product and most important, convert.

How To Read The Data

Learn why briefing and naming are essential in process of constant improvements based on the results.

Scaling Campaigns

Learn about scaling structures to improve your running campaigns. From different thumbnails to headlines and copy, time to scale is now.

Full-Funnel Strategies

Jure from WeScale provided 6 levels of advertising with real time results. Check it out.

9 Scalability Tips

Nine extra scalability tips that will take your game to the next level.

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