All-in-one Influencer Marketing &
Content Creation platform

Influee is platform with an exclusive network of content creators that will push your influencer marketing and content creation game through the roof.

How does Influee work?

One platform, many options

Find content creators and manage your collaborations with ease. Never worry about running campaigns again.

Step 1

Create your Brief

First step is to fill out your brief. Once the brief is complete, our team will review it, and if needed, we'll provide some expert input on it.

After that, creators that match your requirements will apply to your brief and you will be able to choose who you want to work with.

Campaign brief
Creator responses

Step 2

Collect Creator Responses

You'll start seeing creator responses as soon as they start applying to your campaign brief. Usually that happens within the first few hours. Typically within 3 days, you'll have a strong base of creators that you can choose from.

Step 3

Collaborate efficiently, effectively

Our platform allows you to manage all creator collaborations in one place. You can review the content, follow campaign progress and chat with creators. You can access all the content at any time and track results.

Collaboration card

Step 4

Pay easily, with peace of mind

We hold your payments until creator meets the agreed collaboraton requirements.

When your collaboration is completed creators receive the money. That’s how we make sure everyone fulfills their part of the deal.

Generate UGC with Influee

Post your first campaign to our network of creators and in the matter of days you'll receive first content to use on your ads, social media profiles, websites, etc.