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*If you don’t like any of the UGC creators that apply, we’ll refund your subscription in full.

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After shipping your products, you'll receive UGC videos from creators for review, with unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.

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Our AI editing software automatically adds subtitles in any language, your logo & brand colours, Call-to-action and music.

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Layoners Collaborated with 93 Creators, the UGC helped them increase sales

"We worked with 93 creators who made great content that matches our brand image for our new swimwear collection. Generated content made our Ads stand out and helped us to increase our sales."

Simon Trobevsek

CEO @ Layoners


50k Content Creators from 23 countries

UGC Videos for Any Industry

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By cutting out the middlemen, we make the process straightforward and easy for eCom brands like you. Our network comprises of thousands of skilled video content-first creators across the world, ready to connect with you.

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We Review All Our UGC Content Creators

Creating great UGC is hard and not everybody can do it. We review every creator on our platform, making sure they have good authentic content making skills. We also teach them how to make amazing UGC Videos at our Influee UGC Creator Academy.

We Handle Payments and Contracts For You

Platform streamlines the content usage rights between brands and creators, removing the need for any separate agreement. We also process payments to creators, making it a one-stop-shop for all your collaboration needs.

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Use the exact same process as +1500 leading e-com brands to produce conversion-focused UGC.

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Post Production for Your UGC Ads in Just One Click

UGC Video Editor

By analysing over 2500 best-performing UGC ads and identifying winning post-production techniques that drive results. Our AI editor enhances UGC videos by adding subtitles and brand colors, making them highly effective ads. Making post-production much more affordable than traditional editors or creative agencies because AI instantly edits everything.

EQUA Produced More Quality Ads in 1 Month Than All Last Year

"Influee helps our content team create more high-quality Ad creatives each month than we did in the entire previous year."

Anze Miklavec

CEO @ EQUA & Goat Story

Auto-generated Subtitles in 65 Languages

UGC subtitles are necessary for viewers to comprehend the content of a creator's speech in ads. Choose between different visual styles of subtitles. Support for AI-generated or professionally done subtitles in all the languages that we support UGC ordering.

Change Video Formats for Any Placement

Sometimes you may have a vertical video and want to convert it into a square format. The AI UGC Video Editor allows you to quickly change the video size with just one click. This feature is available for various formats such as Reels, TikTok, FB Feed, and Square.

50+ Branded Design Templates

Choose among templates that include hooks, split screens, Call-to-Actions & more. Our platform creates templates automatically and displays your brand identity, so all the ads look native to your brand.

Make Any Editing Changes, Instantly

No more slow agency editors and waiting 24 hours to see the revised changes. We’ve built a fully featured video editor for refining edits, to apply your changes instantly. Edit videos easily with an online video editor. Adjust duration, remove parts, resize subtitles, and change their position.

Don't Take Our Word for It

EQUA Produced More Quality Ads in 1 Month Than All Last Year

“Influee helps our content team create more high-quality Ad creatives each month than we did in the entire previous year.”

Anže Miklavec

CEO @ EQUA & Goat Story

Luna \TBWA Gained a Huge Advantage in Content Diversity

“UGC Platform Influee gives us a huge advantage in content diversity, as it connects us with creators from all around the world. Influee helps us give clients diverse ad content, leading to great results and satisfied clients."

Maša Butara

Director of Content and Digital strategy @ Luna \TBWA

Layoners Collaborated with 93 Creators, the UGC helped them increase sales

“We worked with 93 creators who made great UGC content that matches our brand image for our new swimwear collection. Generated content made our Ads stand out and helped us to increase our sales.”

Simon Terbovšek

CEO @ Layoners

Adapta benefited from affordable creator prices

"The quality of creators paired with affordable prices makes it a worthwhile investment, yielding tangible results and enhancing our online visibility. With its user-friendly platform and seamless onboarding process facilitated by a fantastic team, Influee has truly exceeded our expectations."

Bea Guerrero

CEO @ Ángela Navarro and Adapta Cosmetics

Silvi 2X-ed View Rates in Ads featuring Influee’s Content

“We're extremely happy with the diversity and huge selection of quality creators experienced in making engaging advertising content that sells. Ads featuring Influee’s content have 2x-ed viewing time of our usual highly produced videos by top-tier creative agencies.”

Ben Goodman

Co-Founder @ Silvi

Else got a lot of new video ideas from amazing customer support

"I can't emphasize enough how Influee has transformed our UGC strategies. With its talented pool of creators saving us countless hours of work. The exceptional customer support adds to its appeal, offering proactive ideas and inspiration for various video types. Influee is undoubtedly a 10 out of 10 recommendation."

Barak Orenstein

VP Marketing @ Else Nutrition

Eneba received videos for as low as $23 per video

“Influee’s seamless process streamlines creator recruitment, cutting down on the complexity and time typically involved. With its vast selection of creators and customizable pricing starting at €23 per video, along with its efficient script-writing feature, it's become an essential tool for us.”

Greta Liutkutė

C2C Marketing @ Eneba

Drink6’s UGC significantly enhanced their marketing efforts

"Since discovering Influee, we now access hundreds of creators globally, utilize AI for script development, and generate high-quality, cost-effective videos that significantly enhance our digital marketing efforts. It's truly been a game-changer for us."

Belen Monedero

CEO @ Drink6

Buddy enjoys a simplified one-stop-shop UGC solution

“In the past, dealing with various middlemen for content creation proved difficult and costly. However, Influee has simplified the process into a one-stop-shop, offering, brief writing, creator recruitment & content collection, making it both efficient and cost-effective. It's a game-changer, providing me with the control and affordability I need to elevate our marketing strategies effectively.”

George Lubitz

Communications Director @ Buddy

Nordic Social had Pretty Good Success on All Platforms

"Do you have challenges producing enough content for Meta, TikTok, Youtube and Snapchat? 😥 Then you should definitely consider the use of UGC Platform Influee. We have pretty good success with the platform with us."

Alexander Morabbi Wulsch

CMO @ Nordic Social

LÓA NAILS Received Fantastic Creatives Thanks to Influee

"Thank you Influee for making sure we are getting fantastic creatives!"

Ella T. Jonas


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We understand that you’re wondering which creators will apply. If you don’t like and collaborate with any of the creators, we’ll refund your first-month subscription cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have a UGC video made?

Sign up for free on our UGC platform United Kingdom, place an order, and wait for the creators to apply. Choose them based on their portfolio and export the video content when you receive it.

Does Influee also work for services and apps?

Yes, you can use our platform for content related to products, services, and apps. Be sure to indicate this clearly when placing your order.

What does User Generated Content (UGC) mean?

UGC is content generated by users (individuals) rather than by brands. UGC videos have become increasingly popular in paid advertising campaigns because they are not perceived as ads, but as authentic users sharing their experiences with your brand. For this reason, they increase key performance indicators (KPIs), engagement rate, brand trust, and authenticity. UGC content can help you: - Incorporate authentic customer testimonials into your brand campaigns using the best UGC platform to improve trust and loyalty with social proof. - Leverage UGC photos and videos in your brand campaigns to increase engagement, inspire consumers, and drive greater profitability and return on investment (ROI). - Incorporate UGC into your digital marketing strategy to increase online shoppers' trust by 90%, boost conversions by 30%, and enhance the shopping experience, leading to higher CTR and increased sales.

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