January 8th, 2023

Sebastian Novin


Doubling ROAS by Creating Variations of the Same Ad

How one of our clients used Smart Ad Creator to remix their Ad and found kick-ass Ads.

Imagine 6 unique Ad creatives all of which consist of the same video scenes but in random order. Would their performance differ?

The answer is yes!

Take a look at the 3 example creatives below, the difference in purchases is staggering. The only difference between winners and losers is the order of the scenes that are presented in the Ad.

In this blog, we'll take a look at:

  • Why Should You Test Creatives
  • How To Test? The Modular Ad Testing
  • Creating Your Content Arsenal
  • Creating Variable Ad Creatives - Best Practices
  • Video Tutorial 🎬 - How Influee Can Help Your Modular Workflow
  • The Results

Why testing?

There is no way for digital marketers to know for certain which video creative will perform the best because every audience is different and may respond differently to various types of content. Testing multiple video creatives also allows marketers to continuously improve and optimize their campaigns for better performance.

How to test? The Modular Ad Testing

Modular video ad testing allows digital marketers to test and optimize their campaigns by breaking down the creative into smaller components.

It works by creating variations of each module and combining them in different ways to make unique ads that are shown to the target audience and the results are analyzed to determine the best combinations.

This approach enables marketers to test more variations in less time and make more accurate decisions about their creative elements.

Examples of Ad creatives storyboards with randomised order of clip modules

Step 1. Build Your Content Arsenal

To have the right creative arsenal, ensure your content supports key product USPs and general product characteristics. When briefing for content, identify main and supplementary product points to highlight in the ad and have visual assets for each of the USPs and general product characteristics to test.

In the case of our client, they are selling warm padded leggings. They were able to identify these main USPs and general product characteristics:

Warm Padding

  • USP (unique selling proposition)

showing warm padding

Warm Padding - the main differentiator between any old leggings and the ones they are selling is the fact that those are padded with warm wool-like material which keeps the customer warm in the cold months

Stretchable Material

  • general product characteristic

depicting the stretchiness of the material

Stretchable Material - shows off that leggings are super stretchable and hold you tight in all places

Full Body Shot

  • general product characteristic

showing off a full shot of leggings

Full Body Shot - provides a full view of the product and all of its characteristics so people get the full idea of the product


  • general product characteristic

the leggings can also be stylish

Stylish - tells the potential customers that these leggings can be also worn stylish with different outfits for both casual business and lifestyle events

Creator Brief That Was Used to Gather the Content From This Case Study

All of the scenes from above were created by creators on Influee. The content was sourced as videos that contain multiple clips that showcase USPs and general product characteristics.

Screenshot from Influee Dashboard

Step 2. Creating Variable Ad Creatives with Smart Ad Creator

The client created 6 ad creatives that were made out of 5-6 randomly selected scenes from the content arsenal above.

Below you can see three out of six examples of creatives made in this way. First, there is a storyboard that depicts the scenes in the creative, and below it, there is an actual finished ad creative.

🚨 The main testing criteria is that each Ad variation has a unique first scene, as this crucial part of the performance of each creative.

Ad Variation 1

Ad Variation 1 Randomised Storyboard

Ad Variation 1 Full Creative

Ad Variation 2

Ad Variation 2 Randomised Storyboard

Ad Variation 2 Full Creative

Ad Variation 3

Ad Variation 3 Randomised Storyboard

Ad Variation 3 Full Creative

Besides the 3 Ad variations presented above there were 3 more Ads created all following the same modular process and each of them has a unique opening scene. Altogether there were 6 Ad creatives available to test.

[Tutorial] Learn How Influee Can Help Your Modular Workflow

The Results

As hinted at the beginning of the blog, the differences between creatives in performance are staggering.

Half of the creatives actually produced purchases, with Ad variation 2 being a clear winner producing 338 purchases and the rest of the 3 Ads actually produced no conversion.

Main Difference Maker - Hooks

Ad Hooks (1st scene of an Ad) are the main differentiators between the scenes. The average watch time of their ads is 3 seconds - so the main thing that matters is whether they intrigue the watchers with their first scene.

Hook 2 - Stretchable Material - is the clear winner as it was part of the most scalable and best-performing creative.

🍬 : client also used the same creatives on TikTok. The interesting part is that the best-performing creative on Meta's platforms (IG&FB) is not the best-performing one on TikTok.