April 15th, 2022

Miha Podpečan

Content Marketing Manager

Drag and Drop Multiple Text Blocks with Your Favourite Fonts

Hey, everyone!

We're constantly working on improving all of our products to be simpler, faster and more stable. That is we're excited to share all of the amazing things we've done in these past few days!

Drag and Drop multiple text blocks with your favourite fonts

This week we’re adding Text section on sidebar!

You can now drag and drop multiple text sections on a single ad, customising the font and size of each particular text block together with changing border radius and padding, making each text block completely your own. You can also customise where the text is positioned on the ad, as well as its line height and letter spacing. Finally, you can change the background colour of each particular section by clicking on it and choosing a new colour from the palette.

You can now use TikTok and Instagram fonts directly on the platform to immediately grab the audience’s attention to the post, reel, or story, making your edits in Ad Creator immediately native to the chosen platform. As the correct choice of colour, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience, you can now also choose any of the fonts available from the new Text section or upload your own and use it together with interesting designs, making this feature even more amazing.

Performance and Render Improvements

With this week’s release, our goal was also to improve performance - not just for the sake of it - but for you to be able to build ads faster. Well, amazing news, we were able to optimize the dashboard so it loads up 3 times quicker and ads render 2 times faster than before, which is absolutely amazing. With all these improvements in place, you should see pages in your dashboard load way faster than before, making your whole experience smoother and more pleasing.

Ad and Template Thumbnails now show subtitles

If subtitles are available, you’ll now see them on suggested ads while previewing each ad and on each of the template in the Ad Creator, making it easier to understand what the video is about.

We hope you’re as excited about this improvements as we are!

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