March 6th, 2020

Lucija Šimec

Community Manager

How To Get More Instagram Followers

Growing an Instagram account is not as easy as it used to be. Due to Instagram smart algorithm and tons of amazing Instagram accounts, it has become an extremely competitive place to grow an account and boost following. Fortunately, there are still some techniques that can help your account stand out. Below we have listed some strategy tips and tricks that you can try out.

1. Create IGTV Series

Creating IGTV series is a great way for connecting with your audience and attracting new followers.  The opportunities of using the new IGTV series tools are endless.

You can use IGTV for serial content with repeatable theme and style. The tool lets you organise videos into series to separate it from other IGTV videos. The great thing about it is that when a viewer watches an episode in the series, the next episode will automatically be recommended for continued viewing.  Viewers can also turn on notifications so they are notified when a new episode is added to your IGTV series so they never miss new content.  Another great thing is that videos can be filmed on a low budget and you can edit them in apps such as InShot and LumaFusion. When choosing the topic for IGTV think about what your audience wants to see more of and how you can better serve them through video content.

Tip: Use the Countdown sticker in Instagram Stories to promote the launch of each new episode.

All in all, the goal is to start using IGTV as a platform for serial content and to turn viewers into followers who tune in for each new episode.

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2. Aim to appear in the "Suggested List"

Instagram offers a “Suggested for you” list when you visit an Instagram profile and click the downward arrow underneath the account’s bio. The list is curated based on your interests, who you follow and based on that account’s activity - all of those factors are recognised by Instagram algorithm which creates the “Suggested” list. Appearing in the list is a great way to gain more followers, but unfortunately there is no specific way to get on the list, but there are two things that you can do to increase your chances:

First, customise the "Name field" in your bio with relevant keywords as they are searchable on Instagram.

Second, the best way to let the Instagram algorithm know you have a "relationship" with other accounts is to engage with similar Instagram accounts and comment on their posts.

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3. Write Longer Captions

Longer captions which allow your audience to learn more about you is the new trend. The average caption length for 2020 is 65-70 words.

The new trend is all about sharing more with your community and building stronger relationship with audience. It allows your audience to be more involved.

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4. Treat your Instagram Like a Homepage

It's important that you pay attention to how your Instagram looks like as a whole - the first impression needs to convince a viewer to press the "follow" button. Aesthetics of the profile extends to active stories with coordinating highlights cover photos, IGTV, profile photo and bio. Everything that you post on Instagram needs to align with your overall aesthetics.

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5. Post more Video Content on your Feed

Video content is more eye-catchy and therefore gets more engagement. If your IGTV appears on the explore page, it gets 4x more space on the page than a photo post. Video content is here to stay for sure, so it's smart to start incorporating it to your Instagram strategy.

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