April 7th, 2022

Miha Podpečan

Content Marketing Manager

Introducing Editable Layers

Hey, everyone!

This is our first change log post, and we're excited to share all of the awesome things we've been working on with you. If you want us to add more stuff to these posts, or if you have any questions about what you read here, just let us know!

Alrighty, here's what we changed last week:

Editable Layers

This week we're adding editable layers!

You can now customise the text size, colour and font of any text layer. You can also change the background colour or make it transparent.

Import your own content

You can now import your own content into the Influee dashboard. There are many reasons why you might want to do this:

  • To build out a library of content that you can use in the future.
  • To generate ads from your own content. You could have an important announcement, but don’t have the time to create an ad. Now we can help by auto-generating or professionally captioning your imported video!
  • Use it in combination with Influee content for your most diverse ad creatives!

Scene variations can now be duplicated

You now have the ability to create a new variation by duplicating an existing scene, eliminating the need to re-create scenes of similar flow.

To duplicate a variation, select scene and hover to Variations in the toolbar. There you will be able to choose between Add Variation or Duplicate the existing one.

This will create a new scene with copies of all components from your original scene. Now you can customise your new variation and change only what you want to!

New content types in content library

You can now tag your videos and photos with the following content types:

  • Studio Photo
  • Studio Video
  • TikTok Video

Intercom chat now displays above timeline in ad creator

Our ad creator is now a little more like your favorite superhero, since we've fixed a bug where intercom chat was displaying on the timeline. The bug has been squashed and everything is running smoothly again.

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