April 22nd, 2022

Miha Podpečan

Content Marketing Manager

Introducing New Feature: Elements

Hey there!

I would like to introduce you to the newest version of Ad Creator with the new feature we named Elements. With new improvements also added, you will now be able to produce more ads, faster.

New Feature: Elements

This week we’re adding Elements section on sidebar!

As we strive to make Ad Creator your go-to online editor, you can now find the new Elements feature in the sidebar. Use it to drag and drop all kinds of stickers, icons and shapes directly into your ad, changing their size and position however you like, making your ads even more engaging and fun to watch. That is why we believe this feature makes a whole lot difference when finishing your amazing ads.

New Delivered Content View Page

We launched a brand new Delivered Content viewer page, which allows you to preview all of your delivered content, order transcriptions and clip it in one place. You can now easily see all of the clips made from each video and where clips are used in your ads.

2 times more suggested ads

Our goal was also to improve the overall performance and this week, we focused on suggested ads. With new improvements, our Ad Creator is now able to generate 2 times more suggested ads than before, which is breathtaking. With this improvement, you will be able to create a lot more ads, making your process of creating even faster!

We are very excited about the new feature and improvements and we hope you are too!

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