March 27th, 2020

Lucija Šimec

Community Manager

How To Take Amazing Instagram Photos Indoor

1. Lighting

Lighting is the foundation of a good photo, therefore the first thing to keep in mind when taking a photo is to use natural light. Natural light makes a photo richer and brighter. Even if you are shooting on an iPhone, you can create amazing photos when there is enough light. Shoot near a window and away from any artificial light that could tint your photographs yellow. If you do not want to use the sunlight as your light source, you can get artistic to get it to cast a silhouette effect on your subject.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to shoot at the right time. You can get soft shadows and light contrasts if you are taking photos at dawn or dusk. You can also shoot at golden hour, where your subject can be backlit. If you have a balcony, you can definitely make use of it.

There’s really nothing more important for taking a good Instagram photo than perfect light!

2. Live Photo Mode

iPhone users: If you are shooting a moving object (like someone posing against an Instagrammable wall), try shooting in live photo mode or holding down the shoot button to enable burst which will shoot up to 10 photos and you can then choose the best one.

Android users: You can enable the burst feature by holding the shutter down.

3. Depth of Field (DOF)

When taking a photo of an object and want it in focus and background blurry, tap the subject and wait for a yellow square to appear. Even if you are using Android, tapping the screen to focus works as well. When the yellow square appears, it shows who / what is in focus. Then move around to get that perfect DOF.

4. Rule of Thirds

Composition is one of the most important factors that will help your picture go from “good” to “great”. 

The Rule of Thirds or the golden rule of photography helps break down the image into 3 sections. What you want to achieve is to put the most interesting aspects of the photo in the intersections of the grid to create a balanced and natural-looking photo.

Both iPhone and Android cameras have an option to turn the grid on when shooting. Go to camera settings and turn the Grid (iPhone) or Grid Lights (Android) on.

5. Lighting and Exposure

Remember: It is always better to have underexposed shot that you can fix later.

Exposure and lighting are easy to regulate on both iPhone and Android. If you are using an iPhone, tap your phone screen when you’re taking the shot and wait till the yellow box appears.  Keep moving the yellow sun until your liking.

If you are using Android, you have to tap the screen on darker and lighter parts of the shot and it will manually balance the exposure.

Keep in mind that the best way to get an awesome photo is to shoot in natural light. By using sunlight your photos will look more professional.