October 3rd, 2022

Sebastian Novin


Two Types of UGC Ads You Absolutely Need to Test

There are infinite ways out there to utilise your UGC to create high-converting Ads. There is a common miss-conception that UGC Ads always feature creators speaking directly to the camera, but theres also another type of UGC Ads that you need to test out.

We generally see two type of UGC Ads.

1. Creator Ads - featuring creators

2. Product Ads - featuring only videos of your products

Wherever in your UGC journey you find yourself you need to test both variations. In our experience there's no way especially before you do a ton of testing to determine which of those will make your audience the most engaged. So let's dig in to some examples.

Creator Ads

Creator ads are types of UGC that prominently feature creators.

Creator Ad Example from Flaviar

Things to pay attention to:

  • using a lot of contextual product show off / usage clips to follow the creators story
  • using captions/subtitles
  • show scenes where creators are visually excited
  • background music

Things to experiment with:

  • different amounts of creators
  • voiceover - simply use product show off / usage clips over the talking scenes
  • layouts - you can make side by side ads, creators talking on one side, product shown on the other

Product Ads

Amazing ads that 100% focus on your products and present info of your ads in text and various kind of effects.

Product Ad Example from Alya Skin

Things to pay attention to:

  • make sure that you utilise all as many different video scenes of your product as possible
  • focus on your product
  • use a lot of text, make sure the text is native to the platform that you're advertising on

Things to experiment with:

  • amounts of text
  • 1-2s hook scenes

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