October 5th, 2022

Sebastian Novin


Breakdown of 3 Great UGC Ads from Multiple 7-figure Businesses

In this blog post, we'll take a look at 3 different UGC Ad creatives. We'll break down each of them and point out some of the main ingredients that make them successful.

The main idea of this blog post is to provide you with inspiration for your creativity while also giving you a ton of knowledge that can be applied throughout your creative landscape. Remember as always finding great creatives is all about testing.

Let's take a look at an amazing skincare UGC Ad from Loops and see some of the ingredients that made it successful.

UGC Ad example #1

via Alya Skincare

1. The Hook

The simple question: dull skin? is a solid hook winner. When you pair this hook with a ton of product demos and usage clips while clearly displaying its benefits you're onto a winner it's that simple.

2. Text on Screen

Having text on the screen grabs people. We take in more information when reading than hearing. If you pair good copy with relevant video you can draw your customer in very quickly.

3. Multiplatform

If you are using UGC then it makes sense to make it usable for all platforms. Alya Skin does this really well, the speed and editing of the video will work just as well on Facebook and Instagram as it will on TikTok. Always have your platforms in mind.

4. High Video Pace

Putting together lots of different UGC is a great way to display customer trust in your ad creative. So keep it speedy and use everyone you can!

UGC Ad example #2

via Harry's

1. Ad Design Showcasing The Offer

This Ad takes great advantage of showcasing a checkout, which we're all familiar with seeing, and presenting it as an offer.

At a glance, we can see how much it WOULD cost and how much it WILL cost.

The price objection disappears before they hit the landing page.

2. Product Demo

The core of this video is the UGC demo.

It adds the relatability that we need when looking to buy a new product.

The UGC is natural. Showing that we all have badly lit bathrooms if you use Harry's your shave will be as good as the barbers 🔥

3. Testimonial

Once we're into the video it quickly turns into a basic Testimonial advert. Displaying the benefits and core USPs. It's simple. The way it should be.

What could be improved?

In my opinion, the Ad is missing subtitles as 80% of users on Meta platforms have used their apps on mute. Having subtitles would dramatically increase the Ad reachability and its performance.

The Ad is also missing a hook especially since the Ads pace is quite slow.

UGC Ad example #3

via Loops

1. The Mashup

UGC Mashups are so powerful for Facebook and Instagram. Why? Because of social proof.

It allows you to show your product being reviewed by lots of people in a short span of time. Perfect for brand trust.

It also allows you to keep the user engaged.

2. The Product

Loops Beauty has a perfect product for social - it has the shock factor.

People will be scrolling to see the product and be like 'what is on her face, she looks like Dwight in the CPR scene. AND THAT'S WHY IT WORKS.

Great products always sell.

3. Testing

UGC Mashups allow you to test lots of variations very quickly.

Because by its very nature the creative is choppy and easy to adapt.

You can quickly switch out a scroll stopper or re-edit and be able to make 10s of versions of one advert.

Testing = Success.

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