December 23rd, 2021

Sebastian Novin


What Type of Content I Need, to Make Great UGC Ads?

There are 4 main types of raw UGC that you need in your arsenal, to have everything you need to create great amazing UGC Ads. In this blog, we have summarised all the knowledge we have learned and accumulated from thousands of orders reviewed and completed, as well as hundreds of Ads created. 

When you do look for creating UGC Ads these are the 4 types of UGC that you need: review videos, unboxing videos, product usage/show-off videos, and lifestyle photos.

Main ingredients for great UGC Ads

There are two main use cases of the mentioned raw UGC assets. Reviews videos are used as the main parts of the Ad they are the ones that build Ads storyline. Unboxing videos, product usage/show-off videos, and lifestyle photos are used as short clips intercut with the main review video, to make your Ads visually engaging.

Having an arsenal of variety content paired with editing will allow creating variations of amazing UGC Ads that will support your success.

Example Ready to Run UGC Ads

Have these types of UGC already available? Follow this guide on how to edit them into amazing Ads like the ones above.

Main Storyline of an Ad

Ingredients of Main Storyline

  • Review videos

Creator(s) talking about your product and narrating the entire ad with information about your product from your chosen point of view.

  • This is the main part of your ad, the narrative you created with your brief. Review videos are part of your order, where you think about what you want the main storyline of your ad to be, and what you want your ads to say/express.
  • In review videos, creators should give their product testimonials, express their emotions, talk about their overall experience with your product, react to it, and promote your product to viewers.
  • It is a product presentation where creators talk about your product's features, options, benefits, and unique selling points.
  • Creators can highlight or explain anything about or related to your product.
  • Always remember that each review video will be broken down into shorter parts that you will then use in different ways in your editing. Like explained here.

A few examples of raw Review Videos, take a look at our Inspiration Hub for more examples.

Supporting Content

Ingredients of Supporting Content

  • Unboxing Videos
  • Product Usage/Show-Off Videos
  • Lifestyle Photos

Supporting content also called b-roll is intercut with the main shot. One of the biggest challenges with social media advertising is keeping the viewing attention of an Ad watcher. It's super easy to lose the attention of the audience. 

Within B-roll, creators engage with your product, use your product, apply it, unbox it, show your product's texture or nature, its quality, details, logo, special features, etc. B-rolls can be shot from a wide-angle (lifestyle), bird's eye view, close up, POV, over the shoulder, etc.

B-Roll is interactive footage that brings the next things to the table:

  • makes ads more engaging 
  • makes ads more visually appealing
  • easy transitions from scene to scene
  • breaks the monotony
  • smoothes the flow of the ad
  • highlights the actual product
  • sets the tone
  • diverts attention from possible small gaps or errors in the narrative
  • illustrates the meaning of the product
  • shows/awakens emotions
  • serves as social proof

A few examples of B-Roll Videos, take a look at our Inspiration Hub for more examples.

To sum it up making great UGC Ads starts in the content collection phase. Make sure to always plan to have Main Storyline content - Review Videos, narrating your message, and Supporting Content - Unboxing Videos, Product Usage/Show-Off Videos, and Lifestyle Photos. Having all this content paired with editing will allow you to create amazing UGC Ads.

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