Write Killer UGC Scripts in Minutes Using ChatGPT

Experienced marketers on average need 20-30min to come up with creative UGC Script. Get our 10 ChatGPT prompts & workflows, that will write you high-converting creative UGC Scripts in minutes, with no script writing knowledge.

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Scene by Scene Comparison of ChatGPT Script and Final UGC Ad

How it works?

All prompts are optimised to also work great with free version of ChatGPT and can work in any ChatGPT supported language.

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Step 1. Choose Prompt & Insert Your Product Info

Pick a suitable prompt, based on your desired ad angle or communication style. Each prompt will ask you to simply add your product name, product type, and product information.

Step 2. Watch ChatGPT Write an Amazing UGC Script

ChatGPT will provide you with an amazing script that you can refine or just pass it along to UGC creators to get amazing videos.

Goat Story found new winning marketing angle that resulted in over 10k in sales.

"It’s super hard to be creative about your product. Sure we all know the 3 main selling points of our products, but coming up with creative angles both visually and storylines is hard. Using these templates I not only write our UGC scripts in less than 10mins, but ChatGPT provided us with a new marketing angle, that we didn’t even think off and it resulted in more than 10k in sales."

Stella K.

Co-founder @GoatStory

Campaign brief

What will you get inside?

  • 10 ChatGPT prompts for UGC Script creation
  • How to use instructions
  • Tutorial video