Influencer collaborations for everyone

Whether you're an established brand or just starting out, Influee can help you make better influencer collaborations.
Join 100s of brands that already use Influee for their most important campaigns.

Dashboard Pricing


50€ / month

Everything you need to start running your influencer marketing campaigns just like did.


  • Up to 3 seats
  • Up to 3 brand Instagram accounts

  • Automatically track and save stories
  • Chat with influencers
  • Basic analytics (engagement)
  • Pay influencers with credit card

  • Access basic analytics of any IG profile
  • Create your own curated lists
  • Pro

    150€ / month

    Scale your influencer marketing efforts with the best tools on the market and join brands like .


  • Up to 10 seats
  • Up to 10 brand Instagram accounts

  • Everything in Basic
  • Promo code tracking
  • Link shortener and tracker
  • Content approval
  • Pay influencers with monthly invoices

  • Everything in Basic
  • Access to the curated database
  • Audience analysis by country
  • Fake followers analysis
  • Enterprise


    Custom support, onboard your whole team and our experts will help you run campaigns like we do for .


  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited brand Instagram accounts

  • Everything in Pro
  • Campaigns run by our experts

  • Everything in Pro
  • Custom lists created by our experts
  • Collaborations Pricing

    DIY collaborations

    Free collabs

    5% payment fee*

    If you already collaborate with influencers you can now have all of your collaborations in one place. Delete your spreadsheets and stop dealing with payments to each influencer separately.

    Influee marketplace

    5€ / collab

    10% payment fee*

    If you want us to find influencers, you can post a campaign to our markeplace. You are able to select a range of filters and releavant influencers apply to your campaign.

    * Available to qualified business that pay by Monthly Invoices via a bank transfer. To qualify for this you need to spend at least a 1000€/month on our platform and be on the Pro or Enterprise subscription. For businesses that do not qualify and pay by credit card additional 5% fee applies.


    How do I pay for influencers I collaborate with?

    You can choose to pay with your credit card or by monthly invoices via a bank transfer. You don't need to handle payments to each influencer. We make sure they receive the money, you just pay the bills like you do on Facebook Ads.

    What counts as a seat on my plan?

    Each member of your team that has access to Influee dashboard counts as one seat. It does not matter if they can access only one brand IG account or all of those that you have.

    What is a brand IG account on my plan?

    Brand IG account is a unique Instagram account that you connect into your dashboard. Influencers will tag this Instagram account into their posts in order for our software to recognize the posts and stories.

    Do you also run and manage campaigns?

    Yes and no. If your budget exceeds 10.000€ we can handle the campaigns for you. Everything from ideation, planning and execution. You will get a dedicated account manager that will help you with your campaigns.

    Can and how do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription anytime by getting in touch with your dedicated account manager. Once you unsubscribe, your Influee dashboard plan will remain active for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

    Why is there a difference in pricing for collaborations?

    If you already have your own influencers and you need just our software to make your life easier we will charge you less than if you also need us to find influencers for you by taking advantage of our marketplace.