June 29th, 2022

Miha Podpečan

Content Marketing Manager

Magiklip, an Advanced AI Clipping Tool For Your Content

How does Magiklip works?

The advanced AI we use to create clips is based on three main parameters: caption detection, object motion detection, and scene change detection.

Captions are detected by our AI to understand what the creator of the clip is saying. Using this information, it then generates a scene in which the creator's words match his actions.

Object motion detection allows our AI to detect if an object has deviated from its original position or if it has been removed from the clip entirely. Using this information, we can determine whether or not the scene has changed enough that a new clip should be created.

Scene changes include background changes, position changes, and the movement of creators within their scenes - all which our AI can detect by analysing the content of each frame at high resolution and then deciding whether to create a new clip based on those parameters alone!

Why do you need to clip your videos?

Sometimes, the essential part of the video is just a very small section. That’s why you need to cut the clip. Imagine a viewer watching for two minutes, but the interesting part is only 12 seconds. You essentially just wasted 108 seconds of his time. So for the sake of being interesting, and for the sake of getting your viewers watching more content of yours that matters, cut your videos to the most interesting components. You can use these different parts of the video and mix them together. This is where Reusable Content and Modular Video Editing comes in.

Reusable Content

In basic terms, reusable content is simply content that can be republished in a different format or at a different time. This means that you can maximize content creation resources and improve your content marketing ROI. Rather than spending a specific allocation of budget and resources on a single piece of content, you can use these resources to create multiple pieces of content to publish in different places. If you’re planning to adjust your content strategy to reuse your content, there are a number of factors to keep in mind to keep the process efficient.

  • Have multiple platforms and formats in mind when ordering content from Influee. This allows for more flexibility when reusing content and means you can keep changes to a minimum. 
  • Create multiple variations. This means that it’s quicker and easier to reuse at a later date.

Modular Video Editing

When you order content strategically, you can make your videos shorter or longer based on what works best for each platform. For example, if one video works well as a 30-second ad on Facebook but doesn't work well as an Instagram story, then you'll know not to use it on Instagram. But if another video works well as both? Then that's probably the one you'll want to use everywhere!

And that is why Modular Video Editing is the future of video content. The demand for fresh, high-quality content is skyrocketing, and consumers are hungry for more than just one video that's over in a couple of minutes. That's why modular video editing is so popular: it allows you to take different parts of your videos and then mix them together in order to create a cohesive, engaging piece that can be used across multiple platforms and formats.

The great thing about modular video editing is that it also provides a way for brands to test many different creatives and find the winning ones—and then use those same winning creatives over and over again!

And this is how it all connects!

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