June 28th, 2022

Miha Podpečan

Content Marketing Manager

Modular Video Editing

Modular video editing is the future of video content. The demand for fresh, high-quality content is skyrocketing, and consumers are hungry for more than just one video that's over in a couple of minutes. That's why modular video editing is so popular: it allows you to take different parts of your videos and then mix them together in order to create a cohesive, engaging piece that can be used across multiple platforms and formats.

When you order content strategically, you can make your videos shorter or longer based on what works best for each platform. For example, if one video works well as a 30-second ad on Facebook but doesn't work well as an Instagram story, then you'll know not to use it on Instagram. But if another video works well as both? Then that's probably the one you'll want to use everywhere!

So, with modular video editing technique, you'll always have something on hand that's perfect for your audience.

The great thing about modular video editing is that it also provides a way for brands to test many different creatives and find the winning ones—and then use those same winning creatives over and over again!

Example of modular editing:

Consider this a base layer of your ad.

Change one part of your ad with another (in this case "Hook" part).

Change more than just one part (Hooks and CTAs).

Shorten your ad by deleting one part of the ad.

Bonus tip: Sebastian, Influee's Cofounder and COO, was talking about Modular Video Editing during the latest webinar (about content and media buying being a great combination when scaling your company). Take a look at the video and re-visit other highlights as well: https://influee.co/landing_pages/content-and-media-buying-webinar

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